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Our Vision

Our Vision

Since, the foundation of Agricultural Olive Oil Cooperative of Maronia, its main priority is the production and promotion of the finest quality olive oil. Our partnership’s primary duty is the production of the finest virgin olive oil directly from the rare local olive strain “Maronitiki” and without any compounds so as to bring into surface the priceless elements of the taste and the quality of this unique strain. Although this particular local olive strain is not widely known by customers yet therefore, local producers attempt to promote their unique product through the partnership in order for their customers to meet its unique characteristics and peculiarities. 

Our partnership’s primary purpose is, above all, the organization and effective management of the local olive oil production capital. Strong cooperation and organization principles consist the backbone of our successful sales strategy which is oriented towards the mutual benefit of both the customers and the producers.  Our sales activity extends far beyond national borders and our vision is to further expand in a significant portion of the international European olive oil market adopting an extrovert promotion strategy.

Significant part of our mission is the long-term education and support of the local olive producers about the most up to date cultivation methods that increase productivity and protect the environment more effectively. Also a brand new oil press and packaging facility are under construction and are due to be completed soon.

Finally, Agricultural Olive Oil Cooperative of Maronia is in close collaboration with the Municipal Authority through its active engagement and participation in various local social initiatives. Daily, we put a constant effort in order to contribute in the preservation of the local traditional olive cultivation as well as the promotion of the local tourism and agro tourism.  All the above are a shared vision of all Maronia partnership members since it’s early beginning to the present.